PfG Allays 68 tonnes CO2

    On 19 February, in the wake of two destructive Atlantic storms, PfG members and directors made their way on a damp and dismal evening to St.Andrew’s Church, West Bromwich for the 2020 AGM – many by Metro. Chaired by Margaret Healey-Pollett, the meeting was anything but dismal as committed and well-informed shareholders listened and discussed the past performance and possible futures of PfG. It was the second time an AGM had been held at St.Andrew’s, a flagship site where the PV panels are generating electricity at 14% over the original estimate. The approximate benefit from all installations is68 tonnes of CO2 remitted from the atmosphere over the five years of PfG’s intervention.

    For  those interested the Chair’s Report  and the Accounts are available here, but the most significant development is that shareholders in Project I will start to receive a return – 1.5% rather than original aim of 2%.

    The highlight of the evening was John Wilkinson’s paper Reaching Zero Carbon: why this is a theological imperative

    . He recognizes the parallel between the growing recognition of
    anthropogenic climate change, first proposed in 1799 by Humboldt, and
    developing appreciation of creation in Christian worship and action.
    (Apart from the inherited Nicene Creed, the Eucharist in the 1662
    Book of Common Prayer makes little reference to creation.) John draws
    on the visions of St.Francis of Assisi and of his namesake, the Pope,

    in the Encyclical Laudato Si. John concludes,

    amongst other things, that the refusal of corporations to act against
    climate change are matter of politics and economics, not science.

    Reaching Zero Carbon is well worth thoughtful study.