People at Power for Good

    Margaret Healey-Pollett


    Margaret has been interested in renewable energy for as long as she can 
    remember, and is greatly encouraged by the way it is now being developed 
    and installed across the country, especially by local community 
    groups.  Margaret lives in Kings Heath in a house with a south-facing
    roof where solar panels were installed in September 2011.  She belongs
    to All Saints Church in Kings Heath where she also managed the installation of PV panels. 

    John Heywood

    Company Secretary

    ·     John has demonstrated his commitment to public service and
    administration by being a local authority social worker for thirty six years
    before retirement.  His interest in environmental issues was nurtured by
    life in Gloucestershire; and is an expression of his Christian commitment to
    the world. He has directed the installation of solar panels on his parish church.

    Steve Lyne


    After 40 years as a quantity surveyor Steve has a good
    understanding of building construction and civil engineering, and knows how the
    industry works. He also maintains great interest in all modes of renewable
    energy generation, but focussing on photovoltaic panels and keeping abreast of
    current developments. He is a member of a Transition Group in Sutton Coldfield,
    he is involved in a hydro scheme in a Birmingham Park and he is presently
    renovating his own house to a low carbon standard.

    Beryl Moppett



    Beryl is a retired mathematics teacher and a Reader in the Anglican Church. 
    For the last five years, on behalf of the Solihull Faiths Forum,
    she has organised the Go Green Fair that takes place in the centre of Solihull
    and is currently chairing the Solihull Big Green Group.

    John Parkin


    John is a retired science teacher with an interest both in the science of renewable energy and in the population's understanding of the issues involved. He is an Anglican Reader with an interest in the factors which influence people's actions 

    Madeleine Ruehl


    Being a native of Birmingham, Madeleine is a "product of more than one country", with family living abroad.  Having read Modern Languages at Oxford, she took the opportunity of living and working in the USA as well as in Continental Europe, and is keenly aware of the global implications of an individual's actions.  Always striving to have a positive impact on the world around her, she considers the effective stewardship of the world's resources to be one of the responsibilities of a practising Christian.  She is interested in  persuading community groups, such as churches and social landlords, to make decisions regarding the production and conservation of energy which will make buildings more sustainable, to benefit the community and the environment.

    John Wilkinson

    John Wilkinson is a
    retired Anglican priest. He is a graduate in Theology from Cambridge
    University and was a VSO volunteer teacher for two years in Belize.
    After parish ministry in inner city Birmingham, he was appointed
    Tutor in Mission, Pastoral Studies and Black Theology at Queens
    Theological College in Birmingham.
    John is active in peace
    and justice issues and has a particular concern for combating climate
    change, the generation of energy from renewable sources and reducing
    the carbon footprint of churches and other religious communities.
    Solar panels were installed on his home in 2011. He belongs to St
    Hilda’s Church, Warley Woods, in Smethwick.